Renault 2.0 idE engine

2.0 idE engine

In 1999, Renault developed the first European gasoline engine with electronic direct fuel injection

History of gasoline direct injection

The first application of gasoline direct injection was the Hesselman engine, invented by the Swedish engineer Jonas Hesselman in 1925.


Engine diagnosis with Renault CAN-Clip

Fuel pressure sensor

Fuel pressure sensor on the fuel pressure rail 

Fuel pressure regulator

Fuel pressure regulator which is the biggest problem of the idE engine

High pressure pump

High pressure fuel pump, next problem of the idE engine

Lift fuel pump

Module of the lift fuel pump


Siemens DEKA fuel injectors

Engine timing

Engine timing

Ignition system

Ignition system 

MGI throttle body

MGI Courtier throttle body, next problem  


Flywheel problem and costs saving  


EGR valve of Megane idE

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