Thread of replacing the dual-mass wheel with single-mass in Laguna II 2.0IDE taken from the forum

The original dual-mass flywheel often gets damaged, and because it is very expensive and only available in the original, some users of this model are looking for a cheaper and more durable solution. Here's how to replace it with a single mass wheel.

The described method of exchange has also been confirmed by the domestic users of Laguna II IdE. The opinions are positive, but more precise use of the accelerator and clutch pedals is required. Due to the more direct connection between the engine and the gearbox, many users also experience an increase in engine power.

For modification, we need:

  • Single-mass flywheel from the F4P (F4R) engine
  • the bolts connecting the flywheel to the crankshaft from the F4R engine
  • Clutch kit (plate + pressure) Valeo 826 207
  • Clutch impression (JR5-009) Valeo 804510
  • Crankshaft seal (replacement recommended) Renault 7703087224
  • Axle shaft seal (preferably also changed) Renault 7703087148
  • Axle adapter Renault 7700858979
  • Oil for gearbox oil ELF 75w 80 3 liters (fill in 2.5 L)
  • Hydraulic fluid ELF Frelub 650 DOT-4 - 1L


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