Lift fuel pump

Lift pump


The fuel pump module for idE engine number 8200013383 (includes Bosch 0580313072 pump) differs quite significantly from modules used in other Renault gasoline units. It has a nominal pressure of 4.5 bar instead of the usual 3.5 bar and has a pressure accumulator. The pressure reservoir is a black can around the pump cartridge, so the pump feeds fuel to the reservoir, and the reservoir has an output for a pressure regulator and an outlet port. The tightness of the module and the correct pressure are essential for the operation of the entire injection system. The high pressure pump does not suck in fuel itself, and if the pressure is too low, the pump capacity drops sharply.

The phenomenon of gasoline vapor formation in the injection system is another no less important problem. At atmospheric pressure, gasoline boils at a temperature of about 60-70C, and because the high-pressure pump is bolted directly to the engine head, it reaches a temperature of about 100C and the fuel inside the pump also reaches this temperature. To prevent the formation of steam, a pressure of about 2.5 bar is necessary, and the higher the temperature, the higher the pressure must be. If the pump module is leaky, then when the engine is turned off, the fuel flows back into the tank causing the pressure to drop, the fuel starts to boil in the pump and the liquid petrol disappears completely. This phenomenon makes it very difficult to restart a hot engine because the high pressure pump is a liquid pump, not a gas pump. If the pump module is operational, the pressure in the injection system remains above 4 bar until the engine cools down to approx. 60C.

There is no fuel filter in the Laguna idE fuel system, the filter was exclusive to the Mégane idE model (1999-2001 DA03 / EA03). Due to the operation of the entire injection system and the wear and tear of the mechanical high pressure houses, the installation of the filter is highly recommended. Such a filter should be replaced every 60,000 km.



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