Overhauling of the high pressure pump

Overhauling of the pump


Pump regeneration consists in replacing all worn or damaged elements with new ones. In the case of Renault high pressure pumps, this applies to the two slide bearings of the pump shaft and the discharge section. The remaining pump elements, such as the shaft, seal and main bearing, in most cases do not require replacement, even with significant mileage over 300,000 km.

As the pumping sections are made up of many parts, it is possible to replace only the individual elements that need to be replaced. The guides and pistons always require replacement because these elements wear out during operation. The section bases and inlet valves are often in good condition and replacement is necessary if damaged.

It should be noted here that the purity of the fuel has a decisive influence on the wear of the pump. Any contaminants that get into the pump with the fuel act like sandpaper on the cooperating elements. The problem here is the lack of a fuel filter in Laguna idE, so contaminants below 50 microns easily pass with the fuel through the mesh filters. Therefore, it is recommended to install a fuel filter in the supply line.

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